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My history with computer gaming goes way back to the days of the Apple IIe when game publishers like Broderbund, Microprose, and MECC ruled the school. I was fortunate enough to attend schools with daily computer classes that helped me nurture my love for technology. My school days consisted of me mentally dragging through the “normal” classes daydreaming of playing Oregon Trail, Montezumas Revenge, Lemonade Stand etc. in computer class. I was also fortunate enough to be in a GT program where we had more time to play more sophisticated games like “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”. These were the games that sparked my love of computer gaming. Then I bought a game that full on ignited it….

Enter “The Secret of Monkey Island”

Sometime in the early 90’s my parents decided it was time to invest in a “real” computer to replace our antiquated Compaq Portable. The Compaq was pushed aside by a new Packard Bell that had an Intel 486dx 233MHz processor, 24mb ram, 1 gig hard Drive, 16x cd rom, and a blazing fast 33.6 modem. More importantly it had a big bright color monitor and could play most of the latest games out. It was a “multimedia” dream.  A huge leap from the tiny monochrome setup of the Compaq. Once I had familiarized myself with navigating a OS with a GUI and exploring the exciting world of Bulletin Board Systems on the new modem it was time to get some games. While visiting a local computer store I came across a vibrant box for a game called “The Secret of Monkey Island”. The box highlighted great graphics and game play mechanics I had not yet seen on the old Compaq so I scooped it up. This proved to be a wise choice and from then on when it came to computer games point and click adventures is all I wanted to play.

Before I get going on a nostalgia trip lets fast forward to 2019. I have a job leading a software development team and have been working in the industry professionally for well over 15 years. I love the work and challenge of building business applications and websites but one type of software development has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. Game design. I can picture the background mechanics and programming but as far as the graphical representation of those mechanics its hard to grasp. So along with my 6 year old we are challenging ourselves to create a game. We have decided on a 2D adventure style game (he is a fan of Spy Fox) and after our first father sun brainstorming session at the donut shop we have decided to call the game “Haunted House Hunters”.

So There is lies. We have started the process of planning the game (which will be very silly with a 6 year old at the reigns) and are working on the technology we will use to create it. I wonder if a 6 year old can handle sprint planning? 🙂

More to come on game frameworks and design in the next installment.

Porter Working on Haunted House Hunters

Porter Working on Haunted House Hunters